And more of the old things…

Yes, this is apparently what you get when you go on holiday at home. Nostalgia.

Discovered this again at a friend’s place. Together with Nicole, a very good friend of mine, we I painted this one for our friend’s birthday as a last minute present ^^. Inspiration was her cat Heidi.


Old discoveries

I was home on a family visit recently and discovered some of my older works once again. These two are still among my favourites.









Where Elves And Puffins Play Hide And Seek

Did you know that there are loads of elves out there in Iceland?  I went to discover them in the fjord of Borgarfjörður eystri.

Mole the World II

Forgot to post this one. The second mole for Mole the World Project, which you can find also in their gallery. Plus many more moles. You can also send them your own moles ^^