Man with the hat – part 2

Still following the last Inktober prompt list inspiration. I just noticed I skipped a day.

Man with the hat – part 2.

1710 Inktober Poison scan


More inktober inspiration….

This one was inspired by the turtles we saw while snorkeling in Belize…

041117 underwater inktober mel

Delayed Inktober 2017

Took me a bit to come up with an idea for “divided”. Was first thinking of a cake cut in half, probably because I was hungry, then of a character and then thought of a tree hit by lightning.

1710 Inktober divided scan

More ink…

As I missed the first week of Inktober I thought I will just keep on going with what I have missed. Also I got now into the habit of drawing daily, so I am enjoying it a lot!
011117 swift inktober