Delayed Inktober upload

With all the pre-Finland excitement I just noticed that I forgot to upload the remainder of the Inktober drawings.

So here they are.

1710 Inktober sword scan

While in Finland – part 2

I was in Oulu, Finland, for two weeks enjoying crispy cold air, snowfall and sauna. Love and miss the forest.

Nothing better than to take a walk in a winter forest.

1711 Oulu

While in Finland

Had a little break and went to Finland for 2 weeks to relax. Also took my sketchbook along although I did not get much drawing done. But I am ready to start again now that I am back home.

I also took the man with the hat on the trip with me.

1711 Finland Man with hat in Oulu

More ink

Inktober was a lot of fun thanks to a friend who pointed it out to me  and I really enjoyed drawing with ink, something I hadn´t done in years.

Bought a new notebook and will definitely keep on going.

Man with the hat – part 2

Still following the last Inktober prompt list inspiration. I just noticed I skipped a day.

Man with the hat – part 2.

1710 Inktober Poison scan

Delayed Inktober 2017

Took me a bit to come up with an idea for “divided”. Was first thinking of a cake cut in half, probably because I was hungry, then of a character and then thought of a tree hit by lightning.

1710 Inktober divided scan

More ink…

As I missed the first week of Inktober I thought I will just keep on going with what I have missed. Also I got now into the habit of drawing daily, so I am enjoying it a lot!
011117 swift inktober