Desert Fox II

And dester fox number 2. I thought they look really cute…

And this has nothing to do with this, but I am just reading Flaubert and came across this quote that I liked:

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. – Gustave Flaubert

Desert Fox I

My first desert fox. I discovered them when a colleague asked “What kind of animal do you look like?” and she said that she would be a desert fox.

Time for another siesta…

I posted a picture of this painting the first time a couple of months ago when it was still a work in progress. So here finally the finished version of it.

And regarding the title… Maybe I just like taking naps so much ^^ (see here for Siesta I & Siesta II)

And I’m getting wings (again)…

Seems like I like similar titles or maybe I just lack imagination for better names (see here Wings I & Wings II) . But here is another follow up painting in the same style as Siesta III. The two kind of complement each other on the wall. It was never intended but somehow just happened.

Time for new stuff

After I felt like uploading a bunch of photos I took here and there the other day, I thought it is about time to put some of the things up I’ve been painting in Reykjavik in June like crazy.

Say hello to Mr. Squirrel.

Where Elves And Puffins Play Hide And Seek

Did you know that there are loads of elves out there in Iceland?  I went to discover them in the fjord of Borgarfjörður eystri.

Mole the World II

Forgot to post this one. The second mole for Mole the World Project, which you can find also in their gallery. Plus many more moles. You can also send them your own moles ^^

Mole the world

I’ve been busy painting the last couple of weeks and I managed to finish 12 paintings in somewhat record time before heading south for the summer.

Two of the works are dedicated to the in my opinion brilliant Mole the World Art Project.

So here my contribution to mole Reykjavik.

More work in progress…

I’ve been busy painting like crazy the last few weeks. So far there are 8 new paintings, but only 4 of them finished and still a few to go before I take off for the summer.

There’ll be an exhibition opening on September 1st in Reykjavík with hopefully all of my finished paintings ^^ Below is one of the works (that I finished in the meantime) in progress…

What do you think?

Song of the week

The song of this week is by one of my faveourite Icelandic bands Of Monsters and Men. While their beautiful song Little Talks is played around the clock on the radio and I’m afraid I’ve been listening way too much since I heard it the first time in spring on their concert here is another of their songs. I hope their album will be out soon and that I’m gonna catch them live during the next weeks in Reykjavik!

Meanwhile I’ll try to pick a new Song of the Week for Something about Iceland.